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Assalammualaikum w.r.b.t

Its my very first entry and I hope it is something that good to all the readers.

My interview for JPA-MARA was held on 26th March 2015. Since it was my very first Interview, I was kinda nervous of what going to happen on the day of my interview. Well, I over thinking about that interview. It was been a while since I was not talking in front of people as my school days had officially ended. 26th was the last day of the JPA-MARA's. Actually, they said that they had been trough the process of interviewing to search for the next scholar-holder since 23rd March 2015. So, 4 days to be precise. And it happened all around the States.

I chose KYS ( Kolej Yayasan Saad ) as my interview's place. Its not that far from my house exactly. From the letter, they said I was going to have a SAC TEST, which I was barely knew what actually was SAC TEST. Some of my friends said, that the test was going to test you on how you manage yourself once you are at the foreign country. So, religious skills are totally pertinent here. They said, maybe they will ask you how to perform Solat Jenazah, or maybe recite some short Surahs where we use in our daily's.

Is that true that is actual meaning of SAC TEST ? 

Well, I never knew what it was till the day arrived. The letter said that I need to get myself at the location 30 minutes earlier from 8.30 a.m. So, basically I arrived there safely at the precise time. Or even slightly late. The first thing I saw was the KYS obviously. Then there were people who wore the same outfit as mine. WHITE COLLAR SHIRT with BLACK BOTTOM TRACK and SPORTS SHOES. and of course with a pair of socks. This was one of the crucial rules that we all needed to follow. So, please make sure yourself, if they ask us to wear what type of outfits, just wear it with no doubt. okay ?

I was alone there except with my mother. I had a friend who interviewed at the same day as mine. But she's a girl and I am a boy so, we barely talked. All the faces there were totally intimidating. and oof course, they all were straight A's which was 9A's and above. After a while, there had some small registration and they will give you a number. And I was SEVEN, 7. From there, you must all ears that now people will see you by the numbers. Not name. Then, we went to a room and people-in charged will give some briefing on this interview. They divided us with some groups. Each group filled with 13 members. And I was GROUP 1's.

SAC TEST is STUDENT ASSESSMENT CENTRE. Which means the panels here will assess you with some test to know what you capable of and everything. There had 2 sessions. First was Malay Session which was being called, MINDA MALAYSIA. Next was English Session, which I already forgot what was it called.

First Session ( MALAY SESSION )

We lined up before entering the room. Once they opened the room, the panels were already scolded us because the movement we did were slow. There had 2 panels, all men. And of course they are Malays. They will give you A topic and discuss in group. 45 Minutes for discussion and 30 minutes for presentation. The topic where I got was about IKS ( Industri Kecil dan Sederhana ) Alhamdullilah, i know the topic slightly. Here, you must make sure yourself that you are strong enough from the provocation of the both panels. Totally. Never give them a chance to wrap you. Never listen to them on what they said. If they ask you questions, answer it proudly. Confidence is totally pertinent here. Look into their eyes. Dont be timid. Never came out with the points that you barely knew the facts or not you will get yourself killed. Trust me. I will give some tips later on how to make yourself all ready. Okay. =)

Second Session ( ENGLISH SESSION )

Well, after we left the BM session. We all were like dying inside. Because, BM session was totally killed us. I thought this next session probably going to be like previous. Oh Thank God, it wasnt. This session was probably more relaxing and totally soothing. The topic that we got that day was about SPORTS. about unity and development. Haaa, it was easy right ? And Alhamdullilah we all managed to get through this session warmly. Besides, the panels are good and benevolent. They smiled and did everything that warmed and I wish the panels here were as same as BM panels. This session was going like a debate. If you see once, you will make yourself all happy. I was a debater in my school and this totally not a murderer for me. The time were all same. Where 45 minutes discussion, and 30 minutes presentation. 

It was about 12.30 and we back to the first room where we all entered that morning. We captured the moments by taking some pictures. And they said that we all will know whether we fit in this scholar or not by the end of April. Pray for me and all my friends out there.I really wish I belong to this scholar. =) 

I will update soon on some thing that I want to share maybe about tips and so on. Maybe there will be part 2 of this post.. Because, I just shared the surfaces of the JPA-MARA interview, basically. I wish I can touch into deeper, but, I have to go. So, good bye. And All the best.

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